Nationale Interessen? Drucken
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Sonntag, 11. August 2013

In seiner sprachlich grossartigen und geistvollen Kolumne "Reflections from Europe" befasst sich Anthony de Jasay mit dem (russischen) Kollektivismus in Form sogenannter nationaler Interessen. Zwei längere Zitate, die Einführung und die abschließende Passage bringen seine zeitlose Erkenntnis auf den Punkt:

"Lord Palmerston, too strong-minded to stoop to hypocrisy and political correctness, once famously remarked that "countries have no friends, only permanent interests". What, however, are a country's interests? Let us not willingly walk into the linguistic trap of treating a society as one person that has one mind and, if rational, acts to satisfy his preferences. A society, consisting of never fewer than two persons and typically many millions more, has never fewer than two sets of preferences and usually millions more. A single set of "social" preferences exists only in the notorious "social welfare function" of welfare economists, who must imagine and postulate one, for without it they would have no leg to stand on. One economist's "social welfare" or "Social utility function", however, is neither more nor less false than that of another."

"Clearly, there must be many divergent views inside Russia about what those interests are and which ones are the "best". If there is any intelligible reason why the country so often conducts itself in this fashion, it is perhaps that these interests diverge too much and produce cacophony. A good deal of luck and the passage of time might eventually sort out the worst of these divergences, but it would take much courage to bet on it."

Offenkundig handelt es sich nur um eine auf Russland bezogene Kritik aggregierter "Wohlfahrts"interessen. Russland ist schließlich teil Europas ...